The Artificial Intelligence Programme launched in May 2017 was the starting point for Finland’s preparation for the era of artificial intelligence. Over the past two years specialists, opinion-leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations have taken determined action to promote the network’s objectives, and the work continues. The ‘Leading the way into the era of artificial intelligence’ report envisions Finland in 2025 as an attractive and competitive country, and the most relevantly educated nation with well-informed and independent citizens.

In 2025, Finland may well be an exceptionally attractive and competitive country, which translates into financial wellbeing for everyone. Finnish companies show a growing interest in artificial intelligence, and it is used extensively in all sectors.

The advent of artificial intelligence has resulted in operational and efficiency improvements in companies, and enabled entirely new operating and business models. One of the key factors contributing to Finland’s competitiveness and attraction is the close cooperation between the public and the private sector, which drives digitalisation and the utilisation of artificial intelligence.

In 2025, Finland will have more new jobs than were lost with the transition into the era of artificial intelligence. Work will be more meaningful, and citizens will have more leisure time.

AI will also affect education. In this sector, the reform of lifelong learning plays a key role, effectively responding to the continuing professional education needs. Citizens in the AI-driven Finland will have a higher level of education, and education is more efficient and produces better results. A wide range of supplementary training services and opportunities will also be available.

In AI-driven Finland, technologies have been developed and introduced so that they support the work and capabilities of individual citizens and professionals. Determined action is taken in the public sector to develop services enabled by artificial intelligence. In 2025, Finland will have well-informed and independent citizens who actively engage in discussions concerning artificial intelligence and the development and application of technology.

What action has been taken in Finland to promote artificial intelligence over the past two years, and what were the lessons learned? The entire ‘Leading the way into the era of artificial intelligence’ report is available here.

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