The programme of the AI Forum 2018 consists of plenary sessions and round table discussions.

Plenary sessions

The plenary sessions are

  • EU, China, USA – the global race for AI:
    How does the European development and application of AI differ from the other regions? How can Europe lead the way while building on its strengths and values?
  • Tech unicorns born in Europe:
    How can we create an environment that will support European success stories built on new AI powered business models? How do we ensure possibilities for growth in the age of AI in Europe?

Round tables

Round tables allow more intimate exchange of ideas between different stakeholder groups present at the AI Forum 2018 and include topics such as

  • Reskilling and upskilling for AI era
  • Algorithmic transparency – how to achieve it
  • European competitive advantage from AI research
  • Encouraging companies to adopt AI – how can public sector help
  • AI ethics as an enabler
  • Governing AI – should all countries have a minister of AI?