Ethics challenge

We invite enterprises to join us in the ethical use of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in enterprises is increasing fast. At the same time, new kinds of ethical questions have emerged.

Is the data used to train AI biased or discriminating? How to trust in an algorithm that cannot be described accurately? Who is responsible for the decisions made by AI? Are the decisions made by AI safe?

To find answers to these questions, Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Programme challenges enterprises to create ethical principles for AI. The principles will define how AI is used in fair and trust-building ways.

Join us!

Has your enterprise already drawn up a set of ethical principles? Or are you going to create the principles? Join us:

  1. Accept the challenge by entering the details of your enterprise in the link below.
  2. If you do not yet have the ethical principles, you will find more information  on how to get started on this site.

Sign up for the challenge

Five steps

Organisations can work on their ethical principles for AI through five steps. They are:

  • Commit and delegate
  • Collect and share information
  • Ideate and iterate
  • Validate
  • Start using and develop

The steps are described in more detail in the materials below. Futurice has participated in the preparation of the materials.


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Challenge part of the AI Programme

The challenge is part of the Artificial Intelligence Programme, set up by Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä to make AI a success factor for Finnish enterprises. The first enterprises to join the ethics challenge are K Group, OP Group and Stora Enso. They have already ideated the challenge together with the Artificial Intelligence Programme .

The enterprises and other organisations who sign up for the challenge will be listed on this site. You can join the discussion on social media by using hashtags #tekoälyaika and #aiera. Let’s make Finland a model country for the ethical use of AI!

All enterprises

The enterprises listed below have committed to the ethical use of AI.