More information about AI

People are interested in talking about artificial intelligence – and there are already several development projects and studies in progress. Below is a list of information sources and links related to the subject that will provide you with additional information on artificial intelligence and the ongoing operational programme.

If you know of any more projects or sources that should be on this list, please let us know:

Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? Pekka Ala-Pietilä, Chair of the Steering Group answers the question (video)


Tuottoa ja tehokkuutta Suomeen tekoälyllä. [Enhancing Finland’s productivity and efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence] VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Policy Brief.

Finland’s Digital Barometer 2017:

Background reports on robotics. Publications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Goverment resolution to promote the development of intelligent robotics and automation.


Platform economy

National Roadmap to the Platform Economy. Business Finland – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Onko Suomi jäämässä alustatalouden junasta? [Is Finland being left behind in the platform economy?] Publication series of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities.



My Data and open data

My data – johdatus ihmiskeskeiseen henkilötiedon hyödyntämiseen. [My data – an introduction to human-centred personal data management and processing.] Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Big data exploitation. Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Government resolution to utilise data in business activities.



Artificial intelligence working group and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment/ business digitalisation

Minister Lintilä: Turning Finland into a leading country in the application of artificial intelligence.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Business Digitalisation for companies.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Artificial Intelligence Programme.