Finland’s age of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been developed and used since the 1950s, but it was not until the recent rapid developments and successful applications that we have concrete proof of the opportunities it offers. Today artificial intelligence is everywhere, and over the next few years it is believed to revolutionise transport, industry, healthcare and working life. We already have success stories on artificial intelligence in abundance, but the real breakthrough is just getting started. Finland has excellent opportunities to be among the winners in this transformation – when comparing the impact of artificial intelligence on economic growth Finland ranks second among 11 developed countries.

Application of artificial intelligence creates pressures for change and offers opportunities to companies, the public sector, citizens and the whole society. Extensive and successful utilisation of artificial intelligence creates conditions for strong economic growth and a higher rate of employment, but at the same time a proper response to the transformation of work is needed. Extensive utilisation and application of artificial intelligence offers a vision of a prosperous and healthy Finland of the future.

The race for the utilisation of artificial intelligence has started, and to succeed Finland will have to make systematic efforts to implement the measures proposed in this play book. The working group on artificial intelligence gives eight proposals through which Finland will enter into a successful age of artificial intelligence.

Contact person within Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Enterprise and innovation department, Director General Ilona Lundström, tel. +358 29 504 7186

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